Mega Update

It's been two days and a lot has happened. You'd think with Jamie away that there'd be  less going on, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all.

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She's Out

Jamie had C call me a few minutes ago. She's been back in the room about five minutes and she's doing well. Says she hurts a little but not too much and she's feeling quite fuzzy.
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Short update

It's late and it's been a long day. A short update for you all.

Jamie goes off to surgery about 7.30 Thai time tomorrow. Surgery will start between 8 and 9 and she'll be done between 3 and 4. I'll drop a post here when we hear the outcome.

Night all.
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Quiet day

A Quiet but pleasant day with the kids. I was lucky to have a sleep in until 7.30 this morning, then Rhiannon woke me up.

She played Dora on the PS2 while I puttered around taking care of chores and doing some cross stitch in between helping her with her game.

Around 12 my folks came and picked us up (they had Vince overnight) and we went to see their new investment house which I am now completely in love with. Ideal floor plan, love the position and the yard. Really tempting. We wandered next door to look at the single story house there and ponder its layout, which is similar, but not as likeable. The kids had a great time playing on the site, digging in the dirt and finding 'treasures'. They made a band out of stuff they found just lying around. It was great to see them just free playing and enjoying themselves.

On the wya home we drive around Runcorn Heights School which is just a few minutes away. We figured out the local layout and figured how we might get from the house to the school. Tomorrow I will meet with the principal and teachers there to discuss Vince.

In the afternoon we just chilled, playing games and watching movies. I restarted Zelda, though didn't get very far as I had to remember how to use the controls and interface. The kids watched Inspector Gadget II which is becoming a firm favourite. Vince played a small amount of Lego Star Wars I and I helped him with Avatar on the DS.

Dinner was creative frustration, wanting something different from my normal roast chicken. I brushed the chicken with Golden Syrup, sprinkled on poppy seeds, freshly ground salt and garlic powder. Somehow the chicken almost steamed as it roasted and came out crispy, tasty and melt in the mouth. I also conned the kids (primarily Rhiannon) with Treasure Pasta - wide macaroni cooked with corn kernels and peas. The kernels and peas get inside the tubes and Rhiannon actually ate some of the vegetables with the pasta.

Finally heard from Courtney and Jamie after bath and putting the kids to bed. She checks in tomorrow and sees Suporn late in the afternoon. She's starting to feel quite nervous.

And they're off!

I said goodbye to Jamie and Courtney, today, as they stepped on the plane for Sydney, onwards to Thailand. After a mostly leisurely morning of packing, Mum came and picked up the kids and we got on with the last of the getting things together.

Courtney was getting nervous with 30 minutes to go, so I suggested a game of Speed Carcasonne. This is played with only 30 seconds to complete a turn and turned out to be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, we didn't get to finish the game (we were using three expansions plus the River I and II) and I have just, sadly, packed it up. I'm going to miss those games.

Jamie was madly doing something with the laptop and cables so we left her to sort that out and managed to get deeply involved in the game. Despite the distraction (or maybe because of it) we left on time for the airport and with nearly everything, except for a quick trip back home for the Sam the Bear.

Checking in was easy, in fact, we had the queue to ourselves, as people with International connections get their own line. After a short delay while they issued the tickets, we were off to try and find some lunch, and overseas power accessories, in the terminal.

Jamie was optimistic and upbeat, Courtney seemed more nervous. I think she is not looking forward to the surgery, which is very close, really.
However, they both got on the plane. I even got a call while they were waiting for the plane to leave Sydney for Bangkok.

At home, the kids and I just puttered around. Rhiannon played Dora on the PS2 while Vince and I puttered around the backyard, trimming the trees.

Then dinner at G&Gs, both kids very tired. Vince and I tried Effalex (fish oil) and decided we have to do something to hide the texture. After that, Rhiannon and I came home and she's now asleep, leaving me to put the finishing touches on our Thailand blog.

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Marriage of the Minds - 30% Marriage of the Minds - 30%
30% complete on Marriage of the Minds. Lots of speciality stitches already plus a lot of work on the continental stitch for the grass. It took 1 1/4 skeins of Luminesence, which I hadn't anticipated. Received the second skein this week and finished it. I'm looking forward to completing the row of trees, more interesting specialty stitches in there. 10/02/2007
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First Day of School

So, after some computer headaches which resulted in Misty building me a new system, I am able to upload first day of school photos.

Once in his uniform he was so together - proud and excited. He loved posing for photos and the drive there.

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A Dose of Kid Cute

Conversation I had with my daughter this afternoon about my son's peanut allergy.

Rhiannon: Vince has a penis allergy.
Rosie: He does?
Rhiannon: Yeah, a penis allergy. I don't have a penis allergy. I have a shiny allergy.
Rosie: A what?
Rhiannon: A sagina allergy. In my butt. *Rhiannon squirms around to point at her naked butt*
Rosie: You do?
Rhiannon: Yeah, there in my butt. *shoves her butt in my direction*
Rosie: Oh! A vagina!
Rhiannon: Yeah!
Rosie: *dies laughing*
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